Sunday, June 14, 2009

Role Models: Three Sisters use their Music to Promote what we CAN do to Make the World a Better Place

When visiting other bloggers on, who have similar interests, in this case: cyber-bullying, I came across these three, FABULOUS young women: Serena, Kiley and Tess.
They use their musical talents to promote local and global, social awareness and actionism.
Here is their Bio taken from their website:

Truth On Earth is a Band featuring three sisters that sound like a rainbow of old and new, heavily influenced by ‘60’s & ‘70’s rock.

The band name, lyrical messages and powerful world-changing mission are based upon the work of Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of all time and the basis of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Civil Rights movement. Gandhi said that Peace could best be achieved through truth and non-violent protest and he proved it for a time by causing the end of a century of British rule over India. One small man had a giant influence. So the band is named in Gandhi’s honor to carry on his work and ideals through the powerful universal language of music to a planet that is struggling greatly just as it always has to understand and apply this very simple and highly effective principle.

The band's main goal is to raise consciousness to a level where, over time, everyone can become part of the solutions instead of just living the experience of the problems. This way the problems can be fixed and the planet can be left in a condition that saves it from destruction and makes it worth inheriting to future generations.

The idea of a band with three sisters started when we were little kids. Our parents would play songs, sing along and clown around with us nearly every day of our childhood. There were always musical instruments being played. Entertainment and the creative process were always a big part of our lives. There was plenty of singing, dancing, putting on plays and coming up with goofy comedy acts.

From the time Tess was 3, Kiley was 5 and Serena was 6, we would put on shows at nursing homes, parties, park districts and any gathering where we could collect some people long enough to do our thing. We loved performing because it was fun, and seeing people touched by our antics was a double bonus. Every opportunity we could drum up, gave us another chance to test out new material, improve our entertainment abilities, and develop better connections with our audiences.

Another really cool thing our Mom and Dad did was to encourage us into every situation that created meaningful opportunities to help injured animals or people in need. Fundraisers and charity were about as common to our formative and teen experience as performing. We came to believe it was God's way of obligating us to provide good service to life on the planet in exchange for the many blessings we had received in the form of good health, happiness and prosperity. We didn't realize as we were growing up just how important that background would be in our spiritual development and the work we are now doing with this band.

Now that we are older, we still love to perform and touch people's hearts and spirits, but we've added a new twist. By combining our joy of entertaining with our desire to give back, and using whatever talent we may have to create more awareness about the problems on Earth, we can get more accomplished implementing solutions. Music has the power to reach and connect people around the world.

We give 70% of our profits to organizations supporting the causes we sing about.

For links to hear their songs and read their lyrics, please visit:

Organizations that TOE support:


stageoflife said...


I came across your blog today. It seems to be a great fit with our mission. Is there a way to promote your effort? I would love to connect.

Stage of

Becky said...

Thank you for your work, I'm loving your book! Great info on this band, looks like they are doing great things in the world, thanks for sharing. I posted their info and yours on my blog. Are you planning to attend the NEDA conference here in MN in Sept? Would love to connect and hear more about your book.
Becky Henry
Hope Network, Inc.