Thursday, April 18, 2013

YWCA Tribute to Women of Excellence

Have you ever felt really inspired by the power of women to network and connect? On Wednesday, March 21, I got the opportunity to witness the reverse of relational aggression (female bullying) ( While my books have focused on negative fenake behaviors such as exclusion, gossip, ridicule, intimidation and manipulation, at the YWCA's 24th Tribute to Women of Excellence last week, I got to hear about some very powerful women who use their relational abilities to do things like mentor younger women, volunteer in community agencies, role model super skills for other women, run businesses, provide legal counsel, meet various needs of those who are underserved, and so much more. It was a thrill to be among those who were honored, and an experience that reminds me that there is a flip side to relational aggression--relational affection. Women helping women: that's what it's all about!

Cheryl Dellasega

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