Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tips for mom's as summer approaches

As summer approaches, Mothers are often bombarded with questions about scheduling play-dates. Encouraging and supporting connections with friends over the summer is important, but many Mothers are surprised that this additional time with friends does not always bring girls closer. Here are some helpful summer tips:

1. When summer boredom sets in, coupled with missing school friends, social media can become a vehicle of misuse. Monitor and be aware of what forms of social media your daughter is using and take time to explore these sites together.

2. Keep a journal . . . together! The concept is simple: Mother and daughter exchange the journal and each can write thoughts, worries, questions, or even encouragement.

3. Your daughter is always watching! Model good friendship habits when you interact with your friends.

4. Make it a date! Once a week have a "date" with your daughter! Do something fun, just the two of you! This will be a great opportunity to talk about friendship issues your daughter may be facing.

5. Hit the library! There are many excellent books for girls about friendship. Encourage your daughter to check out a book on friendship and have your own "book club" just the two of you or even with some of your daughter's friends.

Remember that your daughter needs the opportunity to experience struggles in friendship to grow, learn, and ultimately become confident in her friendships. Instead of dreading the summer drama this year, look forward to new opportunities to support your daughter!

Liza A. Kalloz, M.Ed.
School Counselor

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