Monday, February 4, 2013

Who is...Dr. D & Me?

Who is...Dr. D & Me? You might wonder what this new entity "Dr D and Me" is all's a short history.

Dr D is:*

Friend: Lifetime
Book addict: Lifetime
Student: Lifetime
Sister: 50 + years
Swimmer: 40 years
Mom: 32 years
Professor: 27 years
Author: 11 years
Grandmom: 6 years
Widow: 3 years
Novelist: 2 years
Blogger: 2 hours
New Wife: 2 weeks

"And Me"(That would be all of you, since there wouldn’t be a Dr. D without the folks below):

Patients: 30 years
Clients: 27 years
Colleagues: 25 years
Mothers: 20 years
Women at risk: 15 years
Incarcerated women: 14 years
Teenagers: 13 years
Dads & Other Adults Who Care About Girls: 14 years
Media: 12 years
Book readers: 11 years
Women in Uganda: 7 years
Nurses: 6 years

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